Veva Play as One of The Top Unsigned and Independent Music charts

Time: 3:00pm Date:1/13/2023


''Veva Play Top Unsigned Chart'' Give Artists a Platform to gain Exposer

veva play top Unsigned Chart. This is a Image of Post Malone


Veva Play and Billboard NXT presented by Samsung NXT are two of the most popular unsigned music charts in the world. These platforms provide talented artists with a platform to showcase their work and gain recognition from industry professionals. Veva Play is an online music streaming service that allows independent musicians to upload, promote, and share their original content on its platform for free. It also features playlists curated by experienced DJs who highlight up-and-coming talent from around the world. Billboard NXT provides similar services but focuses more on providing emerging artists with exposure through exclusive interviews, reviews of new releases, live performances at top venues across the country, as well as other promotional opportunities such as radio airplay or video premieres on major networks like MTV or BET.

The success stories created by these platforms have been incredible - many young musicians have seen their careers skyrocket after being featured in either Veva Play or Billboard NXt's catalogs due to increased exposure within both industries' circles of influence . Some notable examples include Lil Nas X breaking into mainstream rap/hip hop after his song “Old Town Road” was streamed over five million times within 24 hours of its release; singer Jorja Smith whose debut album "Lost & Found" debuted at number one in her native UK; rapper Aminé whose single "Caroline" went quadruple platinum; and R&B artist SZA who broke records when she became Grammy Award nominated for her critically acclaimed album CTRL just months after it was released via TDE Records / Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE).

Overall Veva Play & Billboard NXT present an invaluable opportunity for upcoming talents looking to break into mainstream music without having a label behind them pushing them forward – giving these artists full control over how they choose to reach potential fans worldwide while allowing them access resources which would otherwise not be available if they were signed under contract elsewhere . The combination between carefully crafted algorithms plus human curation makes sure only quality acts get highlighted , creating a win-win situation where everyone benefits from this unique partnership between technology , artistry , creativity & commerce .